Let’s Meet Five Indonesian Conservation Heroes!

Written by: Ardiantiono dan Sheherazade

As a megabiodiversity country, Indonesia should be proud with its fascinating wildlife and ecosystem. Along with these assets, there is a huge responsibility to preserve our nature, notably when the threat intensities such as deforestation and wildlife hunting keep increasing. On the other side, we must be grateful because there are so many people who are still fighting to protect Indonesian biodiversity. This time, TAMBORA will talk about the five figures that are the leaders in Indonesian conservation movement. They are scientists, academics, and conservation practitioners who have been worldly recognized for their outstanding contribution to perpetuate Indonesian wildlife. Let’s meet TAMBORA five Indonesian conservation heroes! 

Jatna Supriatna

Source: TFCA Sumatera

Famously known as Indonesian conservation legend, Jatna Supriatna has dedicated his life for wildlife conservation in Indonesia for more than four decades. Since 1994 to 2010, he was trusted to lead Conservation International (CI) Indonesia Program, one of the largest conservation NGOs in the world. Today, Jatna Supriatna is the director of Research Center for Climate Change Universitas Indonesia. He is currently active in climate change sector, focusing on the design and implementation of REDD+ in Indonesia.  

Jatna Supriatna has written 10 books about conservation and Indonesian nature and published more than 100 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. Two of his books, “Biologi Konservasi (Conservation Biology)” (2007) and “Menyelamatkan Alam Indonesia (Saving Indonesian Nature)” (2009) are among the best sellers environmental books in Indonesia. In regard of his contribution in conservation and environmental sectors, Jatna Supriatna had been granted prestigious awards including "The Officer of the Most Excellence Order of Golden Ark Award" in Holland (1999), Habibie Award for outstanding achievements in science (2008) and Achmad Bakrie Award for his contribution in Indonesian science. Pullitzer Award winning journalist Thomas L. Friedman describes Jatna Supriatna as “The Noah of Modern History” and Conservation International acknowledges him as the “Conservation Warrior”. 

Ani Mardiastuti

Taken from Facebook: Ani Mardiastuti

As one of the most influential ornithologists in Indonesia, Ani Mardiastuti has devoted herself to this field since she was a teenager. Her study on birds continued until she obtained her PhD in Michigan State University with specialization on biology and ecology of wild birds. After finished her study, Ani Mardiastuti has worked as lecturer in her almamater, Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) to present. She had served as the head of Department of Conversation of Forest and Ecotourism IPB in 1996-2004 and currently is the professor of wildlife ecology in Faculty of Forestry IPB. Beside in campus, Ani Mardiastuti is also active in many conservation institutions. She served as national coordinator in TRAFFIC as the expert staff for Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI).

Her deep concern on bird future in Indonesia encouraged Ani Mardiatuti and her colleagues established Perhimpunan Pelestarian Burung Liar Indonesia or widely known as Burung Indonesia (Bird Indonesia). Since 2003, Ani Mardiastuti has acted as the head of council for Burung Indonesia and up to now she plays a big role in improving Burung Indonesia as the frontier for bird conservation in Indonesia.

Djoko Tjahjono Iskandar

Source: SITH ITB

Djoko Iskandar is Indonesian herpetologist and professor in School of Life Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung. Djoko who acquired his doctoral degree Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc, France, has described many species of reptiles and amphibians in Indonesia, like Limnonectes larvaepartus which was a big news in the science world. This frog is the only one in the world that gives birth to tadpoles instead of eggs. Djoko Iskandar has written more than 63 publications about herpetofauna in Indonesia as recorded in ResearchGate. No wonder if people named him as “Father of Indonesian Herpetology”.

For his outstanding contributions in taxonomy and conservation of herpetofauna in Indonesia, Djoko Iskandar has received Habibie Award for basic science category in 2015. Moreover, he attained Government Silver Medal 20 year (2009) from government of Indonesia, Ganesa Cendekia Widya Adi Utama (2011), and Kennedy Award Best published paper of the year 2001. Djoko Iskandar currently serves as board of supervisors for Alliance for Tompotika Conservation, conservation NGO in Banggai District for conservation of Sulawesi endemic.

Noviar Andayani

Taken from Twitter: Noviar Andayani

Noviar Andayani is the Country Director of Wildife Conservation Society-Indonesia Program (WCS-IP), a research-based conservation NGO to protect threatened wildlife and its habitat. As one of few women who chairs international institution, Noviar Andayani also carries out duties on Indonesian Primates Association (PERHAPPI) and director of Javan Gibbon Foundation. This former head of graduate program of Biology Universitas Indonesia, owns significant position in designing the national conservation strategy for orangutan and other wildlife in Indonesia. Present-day, she is industrious in studying the conservation genetic for threatened species such as javan gibbon, orangutan, and elephant. 

Beside her activity as the director of WCS-IP, teaching is the main job for Noviar Andayani. For more than 20 years teaching in Biology Department, Universitas Indonesia, she has supervised 27 undergraduate students and 10 graduates students who later become pivotal researchers and conservation practitioners in Indonesia. To support research activities in campus, Noviar Andayani has built laboratory focusing on wildlife conservation—in this case javan gibbon—using genetic approach. The totality of Noviar Andayani in education simply because of her belief that young generation is the frontier that will protract the responsibility to safeguard Indonesian nature.

Mochamad Indrawan

Taken by: Sheherazade

Mochamad Indrawan or familiarly called Didi is one of the most respected scientists and conservationists in Indonesia. With tons of experiences and researches in ornithology, he described one species of white-eye bird in Togean, Central Sulawesi, which is Zosterops somadikartai. The rediscovery of Banggai crow (Corvus unicolor) by the team led by Didi has known as one of the most significant discoveries in this century. 

Beside his duty in Indonesian Ornithologists’ Union, Didi is assiduous member of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for World Commission on Protected Area, IUCN-Bird Red Data Authority, and Indonesian coordinator for Climate and Development Knowledge Network. He wrote “Biologi Konservasi” book with Jatna Supriatna which has become reference for students and conservation practitioners in Indonesia. In 2015, Didi was invited to attend Inspiring Leadership for a Sustainable World, a prestigious meeting for leaders who showed formidable contribution for sustainable development.

All of these remarkable contributions by our five conservation heroes, of course must be carried on by us, the young generation of Indonesian conservationists. Come on Tambora agents! Let’s protect our nature and be the next Indonesian conservation heroes!

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