Monday, October 17, 2016

Global Landscape Forum (GLF) Photo Competition 2016

Photo by CIFOR

Think landscapes. Think local. Think solutions.

From climate change and deforestation to pollution and food scarcity, the world is facing many environmental challenges. The degradation of landscapes affects us all – through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

The good news is that solutions exist. Now is the time to bring local solutions to a global scale.

Do you have what it takes to convince the world that there are solutions out there? And do you have the skills necessary to reflect it in one image?

If this is you, submit your photo to the Global Landscape Forum photo competition!

Who can participate?

This year’s photo competition is open to anyone and everyone, whether you are a professional photographer or a casual enthusiast. If you’ve got a keen eye for photography, enter your submission now!

How to submit photos:

To participate, photographers must first upload their photos here to be considered for the jury’s choice award. Once your photo has been approved and uploaded to our website, you can then begin promoting your work on social media platforms – making sure to tag the relevant GLF social media page in all posts – to be considered for the audience choice.

Photos should be uploaded with a title, the photographer’s name and a short description explaining the location, subject and a brief background story that explains how it relates to climate change mitigation, sustainable land use or reforestation.

Winners of the audience choice award will be selected after the conference on 17 November, and there is no deadline for submission – however, earlier submissions will have a better chance of gathering social media attention. So send us your photos soon!

The deadline for submissions for the jury’s choice award is 7 November and the winners will be selected by 17 November.

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