Saturday, July 30, 2016

DIPI 2016 Research Call Announcement

Source: DIPI

Deadline: July 31, 2016 
Call details and grant manual available at:

Call scope:

The Indonesian Science Fund (Dana Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, DIPI) has recently been established under the auspices of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI). This 2016 Research Call aims to provide grants for research in the following two focus areas:

Life, health and nutrition 
Identity, diversity and culture

Competitive research grants up to three years and IDR 1,5 billion/year will be offered for researchers from Indonesia to pursue high-quality scientific research projects. The funder aims to support fundamental, frontier, and excellent research in the above two focus areas of importance to Indonesia's future. For this 2016 Research Call, Principal Investigators applying for the grants are required to be of Indonesian nationality and based in Indonesia. Domestic and international collaborations between researchers and their institutions are encouraged, as are interdisciplinary projects, but neither is a requirement. The expected result of the research must be eligible for publication in highly reputable scientific journal.

The Principal Investigator should demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of his or her scientific proposal. Proposals of an interdisciplinary nature - which cross the boundaries between different field of research, or proposals introducing unconventional, innovative approaches and scientific inventions - are encouraged. The procedure for evaluating applicants' qualification will emphasize the individual's scientific ability and creativity, the innovativeness of the research approaches, and the potential of the project, if successful, to have a significant impact on the field.

The research focus areas related to life, health and nutrition sciences include, but are not limited to, those biological issues described in Cluster 3 of the publication SAINS45. The research focus areas related to identity, diversity and culture include, but are not limited to, those social science issues described in Cluster 1 of the publication SAINS45.

Other focus areas addressed in SAINS45 will not be supported in this call, being reserved for funding in subsequent years. The entire SAINS45 publication can be accessed at

All projects that receive funding must be completed by December 31, 2019.
Online proposal submission begins on May 15, 2016.
The deadline for proposal submission is July 31, 2016, at 11.59 WIB. 

For more information about the grant call, please email:

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