Friday, May 20, 2016



Ayo dibaca-baca link berikut bagi barang siapa yang ingin penelitiannya didanai!
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  1. Auckland Zoo Small Grants program (for conservation in New Zealand and in developing countries)…/in-th…/small-grants-programme
  2. Riverbanks Zoo grants program (for in situ and ex situ conservation initiatives, habitat management, or wildlife management projects)…/conservation-support-fund
  3. Sophie Danforth Conservation grant (for conservation initiatives, but must be associated with an NGO)…/sophie-danforth-conservation-biolog…
  4. American Society of Primatologist small grants (for primate research)
  5. ABC Wildlife (for women in STEM fields, must be affiliated with a US university)…
  6. AAUS Foundation (for studies that require diving)!scholarship/cee5
  7. Orangutan Foundation (for orangutan research in Indonesia)
  8. Club300 bird program (for studies of birds on IUCN Red List)

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