Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wildlife Trade Officer Position Opening for Little Fireface Project in Garut, West Java

Source: Little Fireface Project

The Little Fireface Project has a new, exciting opportunity for a fully funded Wildlife Trade Officer. LFP has the longest term analysable dataset on markets in Java, and now needs a passionate individual to take this project to the next level!

The successful applicant would be responsible for regular data collection on market surveys, data entry, analysis, and researching currently unvisited markets and online forums. He or she will be responsible for writing up government and newspaper reports in English and Bahasa Indonesian, and producing international peer-reviewed papers from the dataset. We would also like the applicant to look into the hidden areas of wildlife trade such as illegal pet social groups and events. As part of the LFP team he/she will also be trained in loris behavioural observations and be expected to spend a minimum of five nights per month in the field, and be expected to represent LFP at local events etc.

The field site is situated in West Java, near the area of Garut. The accommodation is in our field station ‘Rumah Hijau’ (Green House). Students and assistants will all be responsible for housekeeping, cooking, and costs are shared. Local mobile networks are well-developed. Internet Cafe is located a short 15 minute motorbike ride down the hill.

QUALITIES: They must be mature, responsible, reliable, open, flexible, healthy, able to work independently but also as part of a team, be highly motivated. Life in the research station may not permit a lot of personal space (rooms have to be shared). The applicant should have above average social skills, and must be happy to take her/his share in housekeeping and cooking. Although there is good mobile phone and e-mail communication, sometimes things do not work and the applicant must be comfortable being unplugged. They must be comfortable working alone in markets selling illegal animals, going ‘undercover’ to collect the data, and confident if occasionally required to travel alone in Indonesia. Applicants who speak Bahasa Indonesian are highly preferred.

Applicants must have a tolerance towards local customs and beliefs (women have to be dressed appropriately and cannot smoke/drink in public) and be comfortable with other conditions and risks.

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